Saturday, June 21, 2014


The doctor came in about an hour ago and said they saw no seizures and this is the best EEG in last 6 months. PRAISE BE TO GOD! They have taken all the leads off,

and will be sending her for a CT Scan to check the shunt. We are praying that everything looks good there!

The cause for the increase in sleepiness during afternoon may be to the medicine. There may also be some issues we follow up with the pediatrician. These issues are not brain related. Once again, praise the Lord!

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for Kaylie and our family during this time. Will update if there is any new information on Kaylie.

God Bless!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Update on Kaylie

As you know we had to take Kaylie to Orlando for a 5 day EEG due to some concerns that we had. They hooked her up yesterday afternoon.

They also drew some blood to make sure everything was fine there. The results came back and everything looked ok.

The plan of action is to first, rule out seizures. So far, there have been no seizures. PRAISE THE LORD! Once they rule out seizures they will check to see if the shunt is malfunctioning and causing all the issues.

Kaylie has not been her "normal" self lately and her appetite has left. We appreciate your prayers for Kaylie, the doctors and our family! 

We are trusting God and know that he is in complete control! Plan to give updates when I can.