Sunday, November 17, 2013

Praise The Lord!

Kaylie did not throw up last night and both head and stomach scan came back with no concerns!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Here is a picture of the kids together, from yesterday!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Urgent Prayer needed for Kaylie!

Thank to all of you have been praying for Kaylie and our entire family. You will never know what it has meant to hear of all those praying!

Kaylie has been doing really well at Brooks Rehab and her discharge date to go home is November 22.

Thursday night around midnight Kaylie woke up and starting throwing up. Right away we were concerned that the shunt has already begun to malfunction. LeAnne then remembered that a therapist that was working with her was home the day before with her sick kids. So we were hoping and praying that this is all it is. Kaylie threw up Thursday night every hour until about 5:00 Friday morning.

The doctor at Brooks thinks it was viral or flu, son they just watched her. The doctor also was checking her stomach and it was making noises but that it was tender when mashing on it. We were told that it could potentially be apendicitus.

Friday she was doing alright, didn't want to eat much until dinner. Well last night around 11pm I get another text that Kaylie was throwing up again. It concerns us that she is throwing up again after lying down for a couple of hours and about the same time as the night before! They drew some blood to check apendicitus  or maybe her liver. Doctor still says not related to shunt, but they were wrong about that is was CSF fluid leaking before the shunt.

LeAnne feels like it is the shunt! She has been right with Kaylie even before doctors came to that conclusion! We don't know anything for sure!

We need your prayers! We need them bad! Pray that God watches and protects Kaylie! Pray that it's not the shunt! Pray for wisdom for the doctors! Pray for peace for LeAnne and I!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brooks Rehab

Kaylie has been at Brooks for almost one week, and has been really working hard. 

Kaylie has non stop therapy all day! She continues to make progress every day. 

Good news: Kaylie has a discharge date of November 22!

Thank you for your prayers! God has been so good and we are grateful for His hand on Kaylie and our family!